CHERYLSAURUS! (imanastronut) wrote,

hello there, it's 4:38 am.


OMG: i watched the harry potter & the deathly hallows premier live online earlier!
  1. omggg tom felton my hubby omggg rupert my hubby omgggg jason isaacs my hubby!!!!
  2. ugh emma watson is so gorgeous! and so was clémence poésy!
  3. omggg matthew lewis is looking good, and d'awww oliver & james!! 
  4. such an awesome event and i was wondering why am i stuck in singapore.
  5. 630+ screen shots altogether phwoarrrr!
omg thank god it's friday
  1. i missed school from monday to today, thursday. i only got a medical leave cert for tues :(
  2. ho yeahz, i'm sucha rebel.
  3. have been sick and rushing my work
  4. not giving a rat's ass about my 3D class tomorrow morning 
  5. i hope i survive it. my cramps this afternoon was horrible. AND i haven't been in school. 
  6. i don't like school. i am writing this whole long essay about school and the 'friends' there so watch this space!
  7. thank god it's the last week for school too so yay :'D 
  8. assessment is on the 23rd though. i gotta bring my sketchbooks & artworks to school to get graded. yikes!
  9. other than that, i'm ecstatic, no school next week to catch up on work! gotta buy supplies tmr :( 
  10. and i am flipping awesome; i managed to get the older facebook app back on the iphone! 
  11. well watch this space, alright, i've got a superrrr detailed post in progress!!!! 
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