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how's my hair?

27/9: i bumped into one of my classmates after class today and she persuaded me to have lunch with her nearby. so we headed to farrer park to have a quick lunch of large fries(+honey chipotle power!). we had this awesome bonding session: we found out we had many things in common (same means of transport to get to school & back, same dislike for a certain subject & similar problems with annoying people); we both was like, "fiiiiinally, someone in class that I can totally relate to & someone who feels the same way about things!!" it was amazing. i felt bad for eating most of the fries, she even said i don't have to pay her back, because she "got something in return that's better than fries" which was her sanity because she was able to tell me her problems. aww i feel so happy that she felt better talking to me and i had a great time talking to her too! :)

but before my awesome bonding session........ i couldn't escape from the persistent guy who was selling hair products & hair curlers/straighteners. and he kept saying it would only take one minute so urgh, i sat down on the chair and he started to demonstrate the hair straightener, talking about the material they used, that it won't damage your hair like most hair straighteners do and he asked for my age and if i was studying, what am i studying and......
guy: did you rebond your hair?
me: yes i did..
guy: yes your hair is very nice. do you like curly hair?
me: no i don't, really...
guy: i think you'll look nice with curly hair.. let me show you...
(he starts to curl my hair!!!)
guy: you see? you look so beautiful!
me: haha, nah i don't think i suit curly hair...
guy: do you have a boyfriend?
me: yes i do!
guy: your boyfriend is very lucky!
me: ..thank you..!
guy: if i'm your boyfriend, i can help you curl your hair for dates!
(a super pretty lady, which i am so damn sure is his girlfriend, comes over)
lady: ah, do you like your hair curly?
me: yea it's ..quite nice...
guy: hey, she's my girlfriend, okay... (gesturing to me aka *his girlfriend*)
me: (awkward laugh)

so the lady went on to tell me my hair is very nice & the guy kept saying i look nicer with curls when he was straightening my hair back. the lady started telling me about this spray-on product they have which is good for my hair cos the only problem that i have is that it is a little dry and i rebonded my hair before. at first the price was "usually 100 dollars" but she said she would sell me at 50 bux! then the guy quietly asked me (pretty sure on purpose!) if i had a student card and the lady was like, "oh? why didn't you tell me that you are a student! well for students, we sell it at a special price of $20!" so she sprayed the product and whoaaaaa, my hair smells super nice and it is so so so so soft and shiny! *o*

it's currently 10:28pm, i have not bathed yet omg i don't want to wash my awesome hair away. :(

PS: sorry for the long wait on my post, been swamped with work!
i lost my pastel rainbow friendship anklet today (mourns).
yay i found iiiit!

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