CHERYLSAURUS! (imanastronut) wrote,

quick update for now: school


 above:classmates / below:outside class mates (i'll blog+pics as soon as the weekends arrive!)

1)yay i made loads of awesome new friends! other than waking up early, i am actually having a lot of fun! but honestly, i just can't wait for this week to be over, i'm pretty tired. it has been quite hectic, since it's still orientation week + long boring talks + everyday ends at 6!! 
2)today i left the house l a t e!!!! (at 8:26am when school starts at 9!!!) thank god i reached right on time! ended at 3 and i met up with Josh after that! (happy face) we watched sorcerer's apprentice and we were in an awesome happy mood today for various reasons~
3)omfg tmr we have to meet at east coast park at 9am! i practically grew up at that beach cos my dad used to have a bicycle rental kiosk there. but it is sooo far from my house, luckily my dad said i should grab a cab. at least i won't have to rush/wake up earlier! 
4)OMG ME & JOSH AREN'T IN A RELATIONSHIP ON FACEBOOK ANYMORE...........................WE ARE ENGAGED!!!!(sprinkle flowers)
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girl i feel like i haven't seen you in ages! glad that all is well~
awwwww i'm sorry!!! yeah it's been really hectic! lots of shit happened at home and now school's gonna officially start soon (aka following the timetable)! i hope things continue to be well too!! thanks hun (hug)
i'm glad your having fun bb! <3
aw thanks sweetie ~ yep i sure am having a lot of fun! but i always feel really tired by the end of the day :\

Deleted comment

HAHAHAHA kinda but not exactly. he's leaving his grad ring with me before he leaves :'( so engaged in that sense! and so it's like to show that he'll be back for his ring and me heehee <3

Deleted comment

i know riiiight!!!! it's cute and really sweet of him! :)
(thanks i love my shirt too!!! baaaats are so hella cool!!!!)
The girl in the middle is super cute ^^
yea she's really into korean stuff!!!